Shame on Shinzo Abe, Taking the Olympics Hostage as Global Calls for Justice Pierce the 2015 “Comfort Women” Agreement

President Moon meets with South Korean Kim Bok-dong, who was abducted to serve as a "comfort woman" Photo: The Japan Times

On January 9, 2018, the government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) announced its position, in alignment with the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, that the 2015 ROK-Japan Agreement fails to take a “victim-centered” approach and does not constitute a true resolution of the issue of the Japanese Military “Comfort Women” System. Subsequently the ROK urged Japan to make a sincere apology to the victims, whom, with hideous dehumanizing violence, the Japanese Imperial Army had sexually enslaved as “war ammunition” for Japan’s imperial wars of aggression in dozens of countries across the Asia-Pacific region. Signalling displeasure with the ROK’s demand, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will reportedly boycott the Winter Olympics in the ROK next month, while stubbornly insisting that the Agreement had already resolved the “Comfort Women” issue -- “fully and irreversibly.”

This Agreement, however, not only lacks official documentation, but fulfills none of the principled demands that, during the two decades preceding it, victims had outlined, as follows:

1. Acknowledgement of Japan’s military sexual slavery
2. Comprehensive investigation into the crimes
3. Official and legally-bound apology
4. Government reparations to all victims
5. Prosecution of the criminals
6. Ongoing education in Japan’s history textbooks
7. Construction of Memorials and Museums to remember victims and to preserve history

The Government of Japan (GOJ) used the 2015 Agreement effectively as a vehicle for shielding itself from having to fulfill any of these demands rather than restoring the victims’ dignity by means of a genuine resolution. The true goal of the Agreement is to promote the illusion that Japan has indeed apologized while simultaneously insisting the crimes did not occur. In the Agreement, the GOJ even prohibits the ROK from using the term “sexual slavery” and disapproves of memorial statues, while spending half a billion dollars for allegedly “recovering the honor and dignity” of the victims... Read More.


S. Korea Moon, "Comfort Women" Deal with Japan was Wrong!

   President Moon Jae-in pledged to resolve a row over Japan's wartime sex slavery "from the victim's point of view," Thursday, saying what was most important in tackling the issue was to address their feelings.
   Moon also reiterated that the controversial deal Seoul reached with Tokyo in 2015 failed to respect the victims as it ignored the "principles of truth and justice."... Read More.

American writer, Iris Chang, wrote the “Rape of Nanking."  It became a best-seller, shining a light on that dark period of history.  CGTN reporter Mark Niu profiled Chang's parents who continue the fight for truth while at the same time keeping the memory of their daughter alive.  Mark also included coverage of the "Comfort Women" SF Memorial and Japan's refusal to apologize.


Retired Judge Lillian Sing was interviewed after the story on CGTN about the upcoming 80th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre and also about the ongoing fight with Japan and the "Comfort Women."


CWJC Statement on SF-Osaka Controversy

 We are proud members of the “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition, a grassroots, multi-ethnic and multi-national group of individuals and organizations that are part of the global “Comfort Women” Justice Movement. We are guided by the powerful leadership of the grandmothers (the surviving “Comfort Women”) themselves. In 2017, we unveiled the memorial Comfort Women: Column of Strength in San Francisco to remember the hundreds of thousands of women and girls sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army from the early 1930s to 1945 and to educate the public about their history... Read More.

Remembering San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee and His Commitment to the "Comfort Women" Justice Coalition

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee will forever be remembered as a human rights hero in the hearts of San Franciscans

 San Francisco, CA, December 12, 2017 – 

 We are greatly saddened at the news of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's passing on Tuesday morning.  Our hearts go out to Anita and the family and we join millions of others in the prayer for our Mayor Ed Lee.  

 Mayor Ed Lee was a man with a big heart.  He stood for those who didn't have the voice to speak for themselves.  He met with our beloved Grandma Yongsoo Lee, the survivor of the Japanese military sexual slavery, where he shared compassion, friendship and laughter with her. 

 Recently, he signed the City Resolution to make the "Comfort Women Column of Strength" the City's own "Comfort Women" Memorial, despite the unjust threat of ending the sister city relationship from the City Mayor of Osaka, Japan. 

 As we mourn the loss of loving and dignified soul, we will forever remember him and his legacy.


Unveiling of the San Francisco Comfort Women Memorial

CWJC Statement at The Memorial Unveiling

We stand here, guided by the powerful leadership of the surviving grandmothers themselves, who have led the global movement during the past decades. Their voices helped launch a global cry for accountability and justice. When Grandmother Kim Hak Soon courageously broke her silence, she helped pave the way for the international community to recognize sexual violence during war as a crime against humanity... Read More.


Donate to CWJC Projects

"Comfort Women" Justice Coalition(CWJC) in conjunction with "Rape of Nanjing" Redress Coalition(RNRC) is starting a fund raising campaign to raise the target amount of $350,000 necessary to install the “Comfort Women” Memorial approved by the SF Board of Supervisors on September 22nd, 2015 in the city and county of San Francisco. Funds are also necessary to pay for artists, architects, land use designers, and other experts to develop, design, and build the memorial.  Read more

CWJC Letters to SF Chronicle

Regarding “ ‘Comfort women’ memorial nears final OK” (Feb. 9): We’d like to correct Lizzie Johnson’s assertion that the Japanese government has apologized about the Imperial Japanese Army’s sexual enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women during World War II. The Japanese government has never officially apologized.. Read More

CWJC Calls on the World to Support 'Comfort Women'

As President Trump travels to Japan, Japanese officials launch media campaign attempting to “rewrite” their history. The meeting between the President Trump and the “living proof” of the Japanese military sexual slavery halts the attempt.
CWJC calls on the world to support the women sexually abused by the Japanese Military. San Francisco’s “Comfort Women” Monument is now an international issue and message of truth... Read More


Informational Backgrounder on the “Comfort Women”

Global Relevance: Based on the study conducted by a UN Special Rapporteur, it has been concluded that the Japanese military sexual slavery system [“Comfort Women system”] constitutes a “crime against humanity.” This is a prosecutable criminal offense in international criminal law. As such, this is not merely Japan’s problem or that of the victim countries, but an issue of global justice. Read More.


San Francisco’s “Comfort Women” Monument is now an international issue and message of truth.

As President Trump travels to Japan, Japanese officials launch media campaign attempting to “rewrite” their history. CWJC calls on the world to support the women sexually abused by the Japanese Military. Read More

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