WE, of the comfort women justice coalition, stand with you in solidarity today. As we think of the threat to Muslims and others today, we remember the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII and we say: It must not happen again. As we think of the millions of Latinos who are threatened with separation of their families and deportation, we remember the Chinese Exclusion Act and we say: It must not happen again. As we think of the young Black men shot down in their youth and the millions locked up in US prisons, we remember the lynchings and enslavement that went on for hundreds of years and we say: It must not happen again. As we think of those Native Americans protecting their land at Standing Rock, we remember the centuries of genocide and the stealing of lands and we say: It must not happen again. As we learn that Supreme Court nominees want to make LGBT’s outlaws once again, we think of all those who have been bullied, jailed and killed for being true to themselves and we say: It must not happen again. As we think of all the young women who are victims of sexual violence both here and around the world we think of the 400,000 comfort women and we say: It must not happen again. We stand here in solidarity with all who are threatened by this nationalistic, xenophobic and oppressive “reality.” are you and you are us. It must not and will not happen again!


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CWJC Letters to SF Chronicle

Regarding “ ‘Comfort women’ memorial nears final OK” (Feb. 9): We’d like to correct Lizzie Johnson’s assertion that the Japanese government has apologized about the Imperial Japanese Army’s sexual enslavement of hundreds of thousands of women during World War II. The Japanese government has never officially apologized.. Read More 


San Francisco’s “Comfort Women” Monument is now an international issue and message of truth.

As President Trump travels to Japan, Japanese officials launch media campaign attempting to “rewrite” their history. CWJC calls on the world to support the women sexually abused by the Japanese Military. Read More 

Informational Backgrounder on the “Comfort Women”

Global Relevance: Based on the study conducted by a UN Special Rapporteur, it has been concluded that the Japanese military sexual slavery system [“Comfort Women system”] constitutes a “crime against humanity.” This is a prosecutable criminal offense in international criminal law. As such, this is not merely Japan’s problem or that of the victim countries, but an issue of global justice. Read More.


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"Comfort Women" Justice Coalition(CWJC) in conjunction with "Rape of Nanjing" Redress Coalition(RNRC) is starting a fund raising campaign to raise the target amount of $350,000 necessary to install the “Comfort Women” Memorial approved by the SF Board of Supervisors on September 22nd, 2015 in the city and county of San Francisco. Funds are also necessary to pay for artists, architects, land use designers, and other experts to develop, design, and build the memorial.  Read more

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