‘Comfort Women’ Justice Coalition

The “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition is a multi-ethnic, multi-interest human rights coalition formed to support the passage of the “Comfort Women” resolution in September 2015. To date, members include dozens of organizations based in the San Francisco Bay Area plus  others in Southern California and Japan. The emphasis of our movement is on the tragic history of the “Comfort Women,” a unprecedented and heinous war crime of the 20th century. What we are doing is to help bring justice for the hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors. Join us to right the wrongs for a belated redress.

Supervisor Mar speaking in support of the "Comfort Women" San Francisco Memorial.

CWJC Members at hearing

Grandma Lee with CWJC Co-Chairs





We need your help

We need to raise at least $350,000 to build and maintain the 'Comfort Women' Memorial approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Funds are also necessary to pay for artists, architects, land use designers, and other experts to develop, design, and build the memorial. Be a part of history.

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